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Postby mujtahida » Tue Nov 20, 2007 6:01 pm

I very much enjoyed your lesson on palm trees, thanks. I look forward to more factual lessons from you. I found some interesting information about Medjool dates (mmmm... my favourite kind of date). Just wanted to share it:

The Medjool Date is the gourmet date, fit for royalty. It originated in the country of Morocco where it had a reputation as a great delicacy and was thus reserved for the elite and royalty.

In 1927 a disease threatened extinction for the Medjools. The Chariff of Morocco, in an act of desperation to save the Medjool, gave eleven immature palms to the United States. These were successfully planted in the high heat and low humidity desert regions of California where they flourished in the rich soils and abundant water. Now, 70 years later, many orchards in California, Arizona, and Mexico supply a good portion of the world's supply of Medjools.

The Medjool Date is 2 ½ times the size of a common date such as the Deglet Noor, but with the same small seed pit. It is a very moist date, not dried like most dates. It is picked fresh and sent to market like any other fresh fruit.

Medjool date palms are tall and majestic. There are male trees and female trees. The male flower produces the pollen, which is collected by workers and carried over to the female flowers for pollenization. One male tree can produce enough pollen to fertilize 40-50 female trees.

Much work goes into producing a good crop. The young dates are thinned to produce larger dates. There are 3-5 pickings to allow the fruit to ripen on the tree.

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Postby Ehab » Wed Nov 21, 2007 1:19 pm

Shokran Mujtahida for the nice information.. you're really mujttahida mashallah :)
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