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Topics tab on Lesson Page

Postby Hussein » Fri Dec 14, 2012 2:32 pm

Dear Ehab and Moshaya

My name is Hussein and I am from Malaysia. I have been trying to study Arabic, off and on, for a number of years, but it was only lately that I was able to sit down and do it.

My original intention of writing this post is to make a suggestion on the content layout of Arabicpod. I was pleasantly surprised when yesterday, as I opened the website, I saw that you have added a “Topics” tab to your lessons content page. Whilst this is good it does not meet my needs. As a new subscriber I found that you have a lot of lessons published already. What I would like to see, and this was the suggestion I was going to make earlier, is a “topic category” page. With this I could dive in and study similar and related types of topics as I wish. For example you could have a category on “communicating and communications”. Under this category would be lessons such as “you didn’t call”, “No phone line “, etc.; likewise another category could be “eating and dining” under which would be: “Shall we swap”, “Dinner reservation”, “Can I sit here? “, and so on. Perhaps you could add or append these categories on to your current “topics” page.

Before this I have subscribed to other websites, bought books and buy CDs that cost me an arm and a leg in my effort to learn Arabic. I stumbled on to your website a year ago and I find that your podcast is unique and amazing. I have not found another learning resource that provides for the learner the practical and the intricate insights into the Arabic language and of the Arabs. the banter between the two of you is also refreshing. For this I will continue to subscribe to your podcasts.

Finally, if either or both of you, Ehab and Moshaya, ever entertain the thought of visiting Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, let me know. You are welcomed to stay at my humble home if you can demean yourself doing it. Besides I know one or two people here who are aficionados of your podcasts. Between us we should be able to take care of you انشالله.

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Re: Topics tab on Lesson Page

Postby Moshaya » Mon Dec 17, 2012 10:39 pm

Dear Hussein,

I'm glad you found and stayed with it. I know there are many Arabic learners out there without a clue of the existence of this website. For some reason, we're not that easy to find sometimes...

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I'm pleased that you like the new addition of the Topics tab in the Lessons page. We will take everything you said into consideration and we'll see if we can accommodate the type of enhancement you require.

May I just remind you for the time being, that there is a search facility which should greatly help you find lessons in specific topics. Searching for "phone" for instance, renders quite a useful set of podcast results around communication.

I have already been to Kuala Limpur, It's a great city in a beautiful country. I will surely let you know if I head there again. Thank you very much for kindly offering to accommodate us.

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