Verb for "to get"

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Verb for "to get"

Postby Saydalii » Fri Aug 01, 2008 7:45 am

I was wondering what the most common street verb for saying that you are getting something.

I would say something like this

I get books from the bookstore

انا احصل على كتب من المكتبة

this seems wrong to me, but I don't know. I read that if your follow حصل with الى , it means to occur, but if الى follows حصل , it means to attain? Is this correct?

Also how would you make it active meaning if I was literally getting books at that time. ex. "I am getting books from the bookstore"

So what is the main street verb for to get?

Also what is the classical which I would see in books? (if it's different)

I know there's a lot of ways to say this same idea, "get, aquire, obtain, etc"

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Re: Verb for "to get"

Postby almuallim » Sun Aug 03, 2008 12:06 am

I am also a learner of arabic. I would probably say (not saying i'm correct)

أنا آخُذُ الكتب من المكتبة

In my experience I have used أحصل على to mean achieve, so i would say أحصُل على الشهادة من الجامعة (I will "get" / "achieve" a certificate from university)

As for making it active, then i would probably try and say it thus:

أنا آخِذ الكتب من المكتبة

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Re: Verb for "to get"

Postby Ehab » Sun Aug 03, 2008 3:26 pm

Well, the question first is what does "get" mean in English?
We use "get" in English in many situations, like (I got the book from the library), where "get" here means "borrow or take". If someone asks about the t-shirt that you have (Where did you get it from?), here "got" means "buy".. Why I am saying that, is basically to tell you that in Arabic, we use the verb that suits the situation, if it is buying, then we use "buy/bought", if it borrowing, then use "borrow" and so on.
In your example (I get books from the bookstore), you meant here that you bought or borrowed them, so best thing to say is (أنا أشتري الكتب من المكتبة) or (أنا أستعير الكتب من المكتبة). By the way, the word "حصل" when it followed by "على" means (to gain, obtain or achieve), and Almuallim's example about the university is right.
Last thing about the active or the "continuous" pattern of the sentence.. In Arabic, we use the simple present in such cases and add "now" to indicate that this is happening now. Like "I am buying books" it will be "أنا أشتري كتب الآن".
Hope it is clear enough.
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Re: Verb for "to get"

Postby Saydalii » Mon Aug 04, 2008 8:55 am

I just want to say thanks and it cleared up a lot of things. Thank you Muallim and Ehab.

So with Arabic you basically say what you are doing. If you are taking books from the store, you actually say that. If your borrowing them, you actually say you are borrowing them.

What an odd concept haha.

Thanks again and I'm sure I''ll have many more questions in the future.

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