How to write or say....

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How to write or say....

Postby Saydalii » Wed Aug 13, 2008 7:29 pm

كيف تقول

I want us to go to the market.

This is how I would write it,

انا اريدنا اننا نذهب الى السوق

My literal translation would be

"I I want us that we we go to the market".
هل هذا صح

I guess my trouble again is on that ان part.

Not sure if it has to be اننا or just ان .

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Re: How to write or say....

Postby Ehab » Thu Aug 14, 2008 12:37 pm

Alright Saydalii,, first you said "I want", so it is just "you" therefore "أريدنا" should be just "أريد".
Second thing is "أريد أنْ" can't be "أريد أنّنا", simply "أنْ" is not same as "أنّ".
"أنْ" with sokoon at the end can't be changed at all, while "أنّ" with shaddah at the end can be plural or dual ....
So the right way of saying it is: "انا أريد أنْ نذهب الى السوق" , or you can take "أنا" off so it becomes:
"أريد أنْ نذهب الى السوق".
Clear? :)
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