Question about case-endings

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Question about case-endings

Postby ajami » Sun Nov 15, 2009 12:18 pm


I'm new here and very much impressed by this whole site and all its presentation, the audio casts and all the levels. I've only heard one on the Advanced level, and it's really great MashaAllah.

I have a question from Luma 3l Addilla by Abu-Barkat Ibn Ambari.

و أن المجتهد لو جمع جمع العلوم لم يبلغ رتبة الاجتهاد حتى يعلم من قواعد
النحو ما يعرف به المعاني المتعلقة معرفتها به منه

I want to know the references of pronoun, and why ma'rifuha bihe minhu was said again, when the sense was completed before.

The first object of يعلم is قواعد النحو
ما is موصولة and is an adjective of قواعد النحو.
The next part of the sentence is صلة
يعرف به المعاني المتعلقة
If it is yarifu (thulathi mujarrad) then the mujtahid knows/gets to know by it (the "hu" in "bihe")
The object of yarifu is المعاني المتعلقة.
The sense gets completed by this. ^
But then again معرفتها!
There, you know that marifatun/irfanun is the verbal noun of 3rafa.
So the marifatun is the ? مفعول مطلق
هل معرفة في معرفتها بدل الاشتمال?

يعرف به المعاني المتعلقة معرفة

Y3lamu - qawaidunNahw (first object)
yurafu(majhool) behe(pronoun he ref to nahw)
alm3ani almuta3lliqatu( naibul fa3il) of f3l majhool yurafu.
m3rifataha ( marifata is 2nd maf3ool of yurafu).

With due respects, I know the translation and I want to know the inflection of ma3rifa in ma3rifatuha and the answers of the other questions I asked.
I hope I cleared my points.

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