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after lesson 1

Postby Motosuha » Fri Jun 22, 2007 9:23 am

Hello Guys,

Congratulation for your job.

Here are some ideas and questions after I listen to lesson 1.

First why is the audio file a php file and not a mp3 (or an other audio format) ? Of course I can listen to it on my computer but I don't think it will run on other audio devices.
The way to do it is to put the mp3 file on your server and make a link like you do it with any html file.

It would be nice to have a female saying at least the female speech. Most males prefer female voices; lol.

I am interested by the language spoken in every day life - not by a theoritical perfection that nobody use in life. It would be nice to know the country of the speakers. I think the language of Al Jazeera would be a good standard. Does tv in Maroko use same language that Al Jazeera ?

When I listen to a lesson - what I like to hear is arab I don't need to hear the explanations - all explanations could be in texts. And I like to hear arab at normal speed - not slowly like you speak to a child or to stupid people. You could make 2 audio files - one with the speech at normal speed and one slowly spoken with a few explanations like translation the general sense and translation word by word.

You don't need to repeat the same thing more than one time. From a global file it is possible to create small file for each sentence or each word and listen to them in a loop. It will be more effective to limite data transfer.

It would be nice to have different people talking to hear different accents and voices.

I hope to be helpfull - friday today , enjoy your day off.

By the way all your students are not native english speakers - I live in Bruxelles - Belgium - where I speak french.
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Postby Moshaya » Mon Jun 25, 2007 4:11 pm

Hi Motosuha,

Thanks, we’re glad to help spread this beautiful language. Now on to your questions….

1. The audio file is an mp3 format. When you download it you need to click on the link and not right click and choose save as. What happens is that when you click on the “MP3 Download” link a php file is called which in turn calls the mp3 file for you to download, we do this to record the number of downloads, so please click on MP3 download, not right-click.

2. “It would be nice to have a female saying at least the female speech. Most males prefer female voices; lol.” At the moment we don’t know anyone suitable to record the Arabic speeches, but we will have more female guests in the future.

3. We try to teach the most common and classical Arabic in our lessons. You will hear many every day spoken words in our lessons. Most satellite Arabic channels follow this standard, they don’t use a certain dialect. Al Jazeera is a great example

4. You have a good point about us speaking too slow, the problem is that when we start speaking faster we will probably get many emails requesting us to speak slower, but what we will do from now on is use both, speak slowly at first and then speak a little faster. But we need to include the explanations because many of our listeners listen to the podcasts away from the computer, so they will not be looking at any tests while listening.

5. Also about repeating the same thing throughout the lessons, we try not to do this, but in every beginner lesson we assume that the listener has never heard any of our other lessons, that’s why we try to talk briefly about every word in all of the beginner lessons. Some listeners might start off at lesson 10 and not 1 for example

You have made some excellent points, and we will take all of them into consideration. We would like to hear from you often on here :-)

We would also like to hear from anyone else, do you share the same views as motosuha?

Please keep it up!

Mohamed Moshaya
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Postby Motosuha » Thu Jun 28, 2007 6:18 pm

Thank you for your answer.

To make a long story shorter - it is more easy to record the file with right click. At least it is for me.
You should be ready to see your users act as they use to do elsewhere and not as you hope they would.

By the way are you sure your php script calculate the number of downloads or does it calculate the number of clicks ?
For example when I right click I get the audio but is it accounted for and when someone click the link he can cut the transfer because it is too long or by accident.
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