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Podcast dialect

Postby salamtak » Wed Jun 17, 2009 12:46 pm


Thank you guys for the great job you are doing.
I am enjoying your lessons while doing my evening walk.
I hear the lessons over and over, and slowly it seems that something is getting through…

Maybe it was asked before: What is the dialect you are using in the podcasts? From which country?

Also I would like to comment that it would be great to have a separate RSS feeds for the various levels. For example a feed for Beginners, Intermediates and so on.

Also as a beginner, I wish that in the beginner lessons, you would speak a little bit slower. :D

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Re: Podcast dialect

Postby Moshaya » Sat Jun 20, 2009 9:34 am

Ahlan wa sahlan Salamtak,

Glad you’re enjoying the lessons. You can find an article in the blog about the type of dialect we teach, but briefly we try to teach Arabic that can be understood throughout the Arab world. This includes classical Arabic, and common colloquial words common between the Arab dialects. You can get more info in the blog.

Having a separate RSS feed for various levels is an excellent idea and we’ll discuss this idea among the team here, thanks for this.

With regards to us speaking slower in the beginner lessons, I’d like to hear opinions from other members on this, as we often get emails asking us to speak faster and vice-versa. We do sometimes try to squeeze a lot of info in 10 minutes but the beauty of mp3s is that you can hear them more than once.

Keep it up
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Re: Podcast dialect

Postby ليديا » Sun Oct 31, 2010 4:13 am

Ehab and Mohammed, thank you so much for your excellent work! I have found several Arabic pods for my Ipod, but yours is the BEST! The way you present it and the friendly dialogue between you two is good. I like when you have a guest, also.
In "don't miss it" podcast, you said put 's' before the verb to change to future I go --> I will go.
Sarah and Elias said to put "r" before the verb.
Where are these cases used.

I am interested in the Egyptian dialect.Which is used for it?
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Re: Podcast dialect

Postby Ehab » Sun Nov 07, 2010 1:21 pm

Mar7aba ليديا
We are very pleased to know you're enjoying AraicPod, inshallah you'll enjoy it more when we introduce our new series of Egyptian dialect lessons, just like the ones we've done for Levantine dialect (Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Palestine).

The reason you find a difference between what we said in lesson (Don't miss it) and lesson (Levantine: Who's Speaking?) is the second lesson is a dialect while the first one is Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). In standard Arabic, to form future tense you add (s) to the present tense verb, however, in spoken dialects, this form varies depending on the dialect itself. For instance, in Levantine, you add (ra7), and in Egyptian you add (7a) ...

Inshallah we will cover these topics in details in our future lessons, specially that we aim to make different bundles of dialect lessons, so hopefully we will be able to cover them all.

Hope that helps.
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