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Arabic cinema on line

Postby zaytuna » Sat Sep 01, 2007 5:41 pm

Very good link, but in one of my computers I see good size in the other I only see very small scream ?????
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Re: Arabic cinema on line

Postby Anatoli » Mon Jan 07, 2008 12:45 pm

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Re: Arabic cinema on line

Postby friendlyandgeeky » Wed Mar 02, 2011 5:48 am

Wow, thanks for sharing this! Don't know why I never heard about this before
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Re: Arabic cinema on line

Postby Freebau » Wed Oct 05, 2011 1:52 pm

Thanks for everyone for sharing!
As for me i make use of server :)
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Re: Arabic cinema on line

Postby shajin » Tue Nov 22, 2011 5:11 am

Wow. This is a real cool link to watch Arabic cinema online!! This is just what I was looking for!! With so much work, being able to relax with some good film is really something to look forward to!! Can’t wait to get going – will send the link to my friends too!!Do we get arab channels or film in dish tv?
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Re: Arabic cinema on line

Postby Joshua » Wed Jan 11, 2012 12:15 pm

I've been interested in watching some old Egyptian movies for a while now, but I am not sure where to start.
Today's DBQ movie watching party suggestion and Shira's thread on her Egyptian Cinema workshop were the final push I needed to open this thread.

I would like to hear from those of you who watch and enjoy Egyptian cinema the following things:

1. Which movies do you think are must-watch from a belly dancer's perspective?
2. Which movies were/are the most famous in Egypt?
3. What are your favorite movies?
4. What's a good source for those movies?
5. How hard is it to find these movies with English subtitles?
6. Do you ever watch them in Arabic without subtitles?

And anything else you might find relevant. If you'd like, please build on some of these answers (for example on the one about your favorite movies, tell us a little about each and why you like them so much)

I can compile a list of movies I want to watch based on black and white belly dance clips I've seen on youtube and became curious about the context, but I figured I should also ask you guys for these recommendations.
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