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Translation lyric

Postby zaytuna » Wed Aug 15, 2007 6:34 pm


Please some one can help me in the translation of this Fairuz song "Rima"

"يللا تنام ريما "
يلا تنام ريما
يلا يجيها النوم
يلا تحب الصلاة
يلا تجيها العوافي
كل يوم بيوم

يلا تنام يلا تنام
لادبحلا طير حمام
روح يا حمام لا تصدق
بضحك عا ريما تتنام
ريما ريما الحندقة
شعرك اشقر ومنقى
ولي حبك بيبوسك
اللى بغضك شو بيرتق

يا بياع العنب والعنابية
قولوا لأمي
قولول لأبي
خطفوني الفجر من
تحت خيمة مجدلية

التشتشي التشتشي
والخوخ تحت المشمشية
وكل ما هب الهوى
لاقطف لريما مشمشة

هى هى هى لينا
دستك لكنك عرينا
تا نغسل ثياب ريما
وننشرهن عاليا سمينا

I d´not know the meanig of

الحندقة . بيرتق . دستك لكنك عرينا

Can be very good to me all the translation song, but becouse maybe this is to much for ask, y will be happy just wiht de meaning of this last words,

Thanks to every body
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Postby zaytuna » Wed Aug 15, 2007 6:53 pm

I forget you can hear the song on this page, it is very very nice, I´m sleeping..........

And you must look for this name song,

يالله تنام ريما

إستماع to hear

تحميل to download
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Postby Ehab » Mon Aug 20, 2007 12:57 pm

Ahlan Zautonah;
I'm glad that you always chose nice songs..
First, the singer is Fairuz (,,one of the best Arabic singers.
About your question,, who knows what الحندقة . بيرتق means.. I know الحندقة means the smart and bright girl.. and بيرتق means to be promoted or given higher level.. Notice this song is a common spoken dialect in Lebanon, so it is not necessary the words are known everywhere.. for example, I don't know what this means:دستك لكنك !!
Anyway,, nice choice.
Thanks Zaitoneh ;)
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Re: Translation lyric

Postby wafit » Sun Sep 02, 2007 9:44 pm

zaytuna wrote:مرحبا

Please some one can help me in the translation of this Fairuz song "Rima"
"يللا تنام ريما "
يلا تنام

يالله تنام ريما يالله يجيها النوم
يالله تحب الصلاة يالله تحب الصوم
يالله تجيها العوافي كل يوم بيوم
يالله تنام يالله تنام لادبحلا طير الحمام
روح يا حمام لا تصدق بضحك عا ريما تتنام
ريما ريما الحندقا شعرك أشقر و منقى
و اللي حبك بيبوسك اللي بغضك شو بيترقى
يا بياعي العنب و العنابية قولو لأمي قولو لبيي
خطفوني الغجر من تحت خيمة مجدليي
و التشتشي التشتشي و الخوخ تحت المشمشه
و كل ما هب الهوا لأقطف لريما مشمشه
هاي و هاي و هاي لينا دستك لكنك عيرينا
تنغسل تياب ريما و ننشرهن عاليسمينا

Oh Lord ! Help Rima Sleep , May she become sleepy

May she grow loving to pray and to fast

Oh God Make her healthier each day

May she go to sleep and I will cook a delicious pigeon

- Go pigeon bird , don't believe what I am saying

I just say it so that Rima will sleep

Rima , Rima , beautiful rose of the prairies

you have shining blond hair

The one who loves you shall kiss

and the one who hates you will go away

Oh merchants of grapes and of jujube , tell my mother and my father

the gypsies have kidnapped me from below the tent of "Majdaliyyeh"

I will take you on a little trip

to place where there are prunes under the apricot tree

and each time the wind blows , I will pick an apricot for Rima

Hey Lina , lend us you kettle and you bowl

So that we wash the clothes of Rima

and hang them up on the jasmine tree

الحندقا : which can hold 2 meanings, the first, the flowers oh "Henne" turned into powder and put on the babies skin so that the will smell good , yet the 2nd: there is a flower called الحندقوق ( Melillotus ) and that has a very beautiful good smelling yellow flower , and that was used as a treatment before for it contains cumarine
Enjoy it Zaytuna
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He won't let me be indifferent to the suffering
That the very dried up death doesn't find me
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