Trying to translate يا ابن الإسلام - help needed

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Trying to translate يا ابن الإسلام - help needed

Postby waqas72 » Mon Apr 05, 2010 4:32 pm

I've been trying a cumbersome dictionary translation of the Nasheed from the Jan 2, 2008 lesson (really like it and have got this itch to translate the whole thing). I got the lyrics off the net and have fared reasonably well to crack all of it, but am really struggling to make coherent sense of the line said by the 'son' :
أتراك تأن وما وصل صوت الإسلام إلى أذني كم يؤلم قلبي ما حصل لبيك فماذا تأمرني
I kind of get the second part - something along the lines of " much my heart hurts at what has come to pass - here I am...what is your command?"
But I'm stumped by the first part, especially the word تأن - which part of which verb is it? It's not the V form of the verb ونى is it, which is the closest guess I had in term of tracking it down? ونى verb appears later in the VI form in the words: لقد آن أن لا تنسى أو تتوانى - "now is the time to not forget nor slacken".
It would be a great help if you could provide both the word by word translation as well as the idiomatic sense of the phrase أتراك تأن وما وصل صوت الإسلام إلى أذني. Thanks!!
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