any advice is welcome

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any advice is welcome

Postby ppp » Tue Dec 08, 2009 6:15 am

The question may sound a little bit weird as far as do not exist a recipe regarding the problem I have, but any advice could be useful. I study arabic for enough time to reach a level that I consider it to be advanced and I am able to translate almost any kind of text in this moment. My only concering is about the fact that right now I do not have someone to talk and to practice at the same time, I am listening the lessons from this site, bbc news in arabic and so on, but still is very difficult to me to understand the words even I know them in fact, I mean, if I am reading at the same time while I am listening I realize that I know almost all the words, but still, I repeat, very difficult to understand them when I am listening the news, to the music and almost everything in arabic when someone is not speaking a little bit more slowly than usual. What is my option as far as I cannot find someone right now to practice? I'm sick of watching arabic videos, the news, music and getting angry because of this. Only after I am listening to something for at least 4 times I am able to understand part of what is saying...
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Re: any advice is welcome

Postby ukbabe » Thu Dec 17, 2009 8:50 pm

Hi ppp :-) I think you should try do the following:
1- If possible go and live or work in an Arab country for at least 3 months
2 - Find someone around your area you can practice with
3 - Find someone around the world who can spend at least an hour a week with you to practice over skype
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