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Reative clauses

Postby Samir » Thu Feb 14, 2013 6:44 am

Marhaban ya jama3!

I´m having trouble getting a certain part of a relative clause to sound correct. I don't know how to say "in which"

If I for example want to say "The man went in to the house in which there where many people" i would write it like this:
دخل الرجل البيت الذي كان فيها كثير من الناس

And if I want to say "He developed his ideology in which religion was not just a theory but also practical" i would say:
تطوّر ايدولوجيته التي كانت فيها الدين ليس نظرية فقط فكانت عملية ايضا

This sounds so messy and wrong but I can't seem to find another way that works. Should I use لم تكن ?

Hope you can help me!

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