Amazing Progress!

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Amazing Progress!

Postby tomest05 » Sat Sep 06, 2008 3:25 pm

Dear Arabic Pod,

Wheew, I've been gone for the past few months on a retreat without much access to the internet, and I must say one of my most pleasant surprises upon my return was to see the impressive lessons that have been put out this summer! I have never been excited to learn as much as I have with Arabic Pod! The videos, the share point, the programs, and the audio transcripts... It's great stuff, I have recommended this site to beginners and advanced learners of Arabic in all walks of life here in America. Hopefully they took my advice!

It's been a long way since lessons # 2-3 when I first started listening to Arabic Pod, I want to say how impressed I am with your progress and dedication to Arabic education.

There is one minor feature that I think could be tweaked on the website that allows ease of user for the learner, and it's simply just labeling the lessons by number. Because whenever I miss more than 3-4 lessons, it's hard to tell which number I missed to download besides going through every catalog level. But other than that, everything is done really well, have you ever considered working with or in partnership with England's Education Ministry... I really don't know what you guys have, since I'm from America but we have the Dept. of Education. I'd love to see you guys get a grant or fellowship or something for this work! I'm sure with all the knowledge and students here there are a few of us with experience in education grants and aids. You guys are obviously putting in "full-time" maintaining this site so you should be treated as such.

Thanks again for putting out such amazing products and expanding the realm of Arabic literature, culture, and the most beautiful language in the world.

ما شاء الله
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Re: Amazing Progress!

Postby Moshaya » Sat Sep 20, 2008 3:37 pm

Hay Tomest,

Thanks for the encouraging post. We are planning to keep it up with ArabicPod and to introduce new features soon. Although we work hard on the site, it wouldn’t have become what it is if it weren’t for all the support we get from learners like you.

Regarding the numbering of the lessons in their titles, we took the decision to remove the numbering a while back to make it more flexible for us to re-order the lessons and some people did find the numbering confusing since it is shared between all levels. For example, lesson 6 is a beginner and then lesson 7 is lower intermediate. However, the numbering has not been completely removed; you will find the lesson numbers on the transcripts and on the URL of the lesson page. We’ll discuss the notion of re-introducing the lesson numbering in the titles.

We are in the process of seeking financial help whether it is through a grant or sponsorship. There is so much more we can do with ArabicPod if only we received extra help… Nevertheless new stuff will continue to come but slower than it will be if we received that sponsorship

Keep it up Tomest
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